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Fortress Europe

Welcome to Fortress Europe, Aces High’s virtual campaign that focuses on US 8th Air Force heavy bomber raids on Occupied France and Germany from 1943-1945.

Players and squads will work together to achieve victory with one of two outcomes: Bomb the Reich into ruin along with complete destruction of the Luftwaffe or secure the skies over Germany inflicting heavy losses on the US 8th Air Force.

The event will progress on a monthly pace, starting in May 1943 and lasting until May 1945. The plane set and units will update as new variants and models began to see combat as best as can be represented with Aces High’s plane set.

The USAAF will plan and execute strategic bombing missions to bring down the German war machine. Different victory goals will be available to the USAAF based on the targets they destroy along with other side goals. The Luftwaffe will also have campaign victory goals based on the number of bombers destroyed along with other side goals.


Fortress Europe will be ran on the last Saturday of every month except on Holiday Weekends. If it falls on a Holiday Weekend it will be ran on the first available Saturday after.

The event will start at 10:00PM EASTERN/7:00PM PACIFIC/GMT – 04:00


The bomber group is the core element of this event. It will be an all-volunteer group that is dedicated to flying bombers. Historic unit names are preferred and will be offered by the Admin CM.

The bomber group roster is always open, and is recorded by the Admin CM and posted on the ahevents website. Walk-on bomber pilots are allowed on event day and the bomber group has no limit to unit strength.


Registration will work like standard scenario registration. Historic Groups will be created upon request of group leaders and Bomber pilots will be in the primary registration. If a bomber pilot knows he will not be present for the upcoming mission he may withdraw from the registration and re-register at any time.


Fighters on both sides will play a very important role in Fortress Europe either escorting or intercepting bombers. Historic units will be chosen to build the registration for both sides. The exact number of fighter squadrons and pilots will be based on the overall number of bombers.


Registration will work like Friday Squad Ops, A squad leader will create a squad using a historic name/group. An Admin CM will approve the group and numbers. Unlike FSO, Fortress Europe’s fighter group numbers will be controlled by Admin CM. Fighter group numbers will be based on the number of bomber pilots registered.

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