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TFT Bougainville

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Runs February 5, from noon to 9 pm Eastern Time US.  Play during that time whenever you want.  Show up to play, but if you know you'll play, please register as it helps us plan.  Runs in Special Events 2 arena.

It is late 1943, and the allies are fighting to expand the beachhead taken at Bougainville. Their goal is to get enough territory to build a couple of air bases, then use these air bases for raids on Rabaul.

But there are still appreciable numbers of Japanese troops on Bougainville, with Japanese airfields to the north in Buka and the south near Buin. In addition, the Japanese are launching air strikes from Rabaul and sending in ships with reinforcements and supplies.

Join us as the allied air forces in the Solomons (USN, USMC, RNZAF, and the US 13th AF), collectively called “AirSols,” fight the Imperial Japanese forces over the fate of Bougainville.

F4U-1’s, P-38G’s, P-40N’s, and P-40N attackers vs. Ki-61’s, A6M5’s, and Ki-67’s. Fight to protect your territory and to deny the enemy’s ability to reinforce his position.

Please join us for this glorious battle, and bring your friends!

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