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The Battle for Paris

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After supporting the victory at the beaches and hedgerows of Normandy, the 9th USAAF was at it again. Sustained bombing operations to clear a path for units of Patton’s 3rd Army to enter and liberate Paris from its Nazi occupants. Strong Wehrmacht defenses were directed to keep the Allies from pushing east to Paris. The Luftwaffe that remained from JG26, JG2, JG11, and JG27 battled fiercely to hold back the Allied juggernaut. Ground attacks and the level bombing of bridges and rail junctions were slowed as the Allies advanced toward Paris. Now troop concentration, industrial targets, and airfields were the primary targets for the 9th. Join the Aces High community for the fast-paced, hard-hitting action thriller in “The Battle for Paris”.

Dates and Times

Please register for the event if you can play at least 3 frames. If you can’t play in at least 3 frames, you can still show up as a walkon (unregistered player) on game day.


February……. 4th
February……. 11th
February……. 18th
February……. 25th

Please show up at 7 pm US Eastern time in Special Events Arena #2. (For how that translates to your time, here is a time converter.)  End of frame will be nominally at 10:30 pm US Eastern time.

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