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Scenarios run each year in February/March and October.

Description of what a Scenario is like: Here is the writeup of a battle.

Here are a couple of videos to see what it is like:
-- A video of Scenario fighter combat.
-- A video of Scenario bombing action.

Scenarios are special battles in Aces High that run a couple times a year. Usually they are based on actual WWII air battles, using the aircraft models that were in the fight and historical objectives.

A Scenario involves about 50 people divided into two sides. Each side has particular aircraft, objectives, squadron assignments, bases, and resources. A Scenario typically runs four battles, one battle per week, each battle lasting a few hours.

We love new players joining us for the fun.  If you are a new player, or new to Scenarios, show up at game time, and folks will welcome you and get you going.

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