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Southern Penetration

Southern Penetration

With the American 8th Air Force tasked with supporting the invasion of France from May 1944, the task of striking industry in the heart of German Reich fell to USAAF’s 15th Air Force based in southern Italy. Cities in southern Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia, and Hungary all came under attack from the 15th AF bombers. The focus of these missions were on oil refineries, fuel processing plants, and aircraft factories. 

Meanwhile, the Luftwaffe was also diverting air assets to France to repel the invasion, leaving a skeleton crew to defend its industrial assets from the American penetrators. Germany was forced to rely on the meager fighter forces of its Hungarian and Slovak allies to bolster the defensive force. 

This FSO will recreate the action over the Danube basin in the early summer of 1944.

Side Split: Allies 52% / Axis 48%

15th Air Force USAAF

Luftwaffe / Hungarian Air Force / Slovak Air Arm 

Hour 1 Aircraft


Max 12

Bf 109G-14

Max 8


No Min/Max

Bf 109G-6

No Min/Max


Min 12(See Rules)

Bf 110G-2 and/or Me 410

Min 8(See Rules)

Hour 2 Aircraft


Bf 109G-6


Bf 110G-2


Me 410

Ordnance Restrictions:

All bombs and rockets disabled on Allied fighters.

B-24J’s limited to the 12x 250 lb. bomb package.

Bombs disabled on Axis fighters.

Specific Rules and Clarifications

Fighter Max Alt = 24,000

Bomber Min Alt = 16,000 / Max Alt = 20,000 

CiC’s satisfy the requirement for aircraft with minimums by assigning squads whose combined minimum commitment level meets or exceeds the aircraft minimum.

Squads assigned the Bf 110G-2 and Me 410 must choose only one of those types and all pilots in that squad must fly it. (This rule does not apply to Hour 2)

All pilots in squads assigned B-24J’s must fly it. (This rule does not apply to Hour 2)

All bombers will attack both target areas as a single stream, salvoing half their bombs on the first target area and saving the other half for the second. The Allied air spawn will be located centrally to both target areas to allow either target area to be attacked first. Each target area will consist of two nearby cities, strats and/ or bases to ensure there are enough target objects for each bomber pilot to potentially score max points.

All bomber squads should be within visual range of each other and not with a section significantly delayed while inbound to the first target. The CiC may split them to attack separate parts of a target area. For example: Squad A hits Augsburg City and Squad B hits the Augsburg troop strat. Should the bomber be split in that manner, they should not separate until within 1.5 sectors of the first target area. All bombers should then continue directly to the second target area after bombing the first.

Target areas will be separated from each other by no less than 25 miles at their closest and no more than 50 miles at their farthest. 

City and strat objects will be worth 1 point each and bomber pilots can score up to 4 points at each target area, for a total of 8 points. If a base is given as an Hour 1 target, hangars will be worth 4 points and each pilot will only be credited for destroying one hangar in that target area.

Bomber pilots will only receive credit for destroying a maximum of 2 hangars per sortie in Hour 2.

Town objects are not city objects and have no value if destroyed.

Only B-24J’s will score points for destroying ground targets.

Both Hour 1 target areas must be bombed before T+60 and Hour 1 targets become invalid after T+60.

Hour 2 targets are only valid for pilots launching a new sortie in Hour 2.

A safe landing zone airfield will be provided each frame for the Allies to recover their aircraft after they attack. Axis fighters may not cross the dar ring of these bases (base will start flashing at this point). A penalty will be assessed if the Axis flashes these bases(not just the towns). Any Allied plane that enters the dar ring must land immediately since they have committed to leaving the combat area. A penalty will be assessed if an Allied player enters the safe zone and later exits to continue fighting.

B-24J’s may not descend below 16K until inside the safe landing zone.  

Allied aircraft will show sector counters (Bar Dar) for the Axis when they are within 30 miles of an Axis base. There will be a 90 second delay on position updates. (Update delay removed for Frame 3)

Flying off the map is forbidden.

Any non-target object that is destroyed will be restored at the earliest convenience by a CM.






City / Strat Objects

1 (Max of 4 per pilot at each target area)



Arena Settings 

- Terrain: Danube

- Fuel Burn: 1.0

- Icons: 3K Friendly/Enemy

- Ack: .3

- Fighter and Bomber warning range: 158400 (about 30 miles)

- Tower range set to 158400 (for display only to match the above setting)

- Sector Counter (Bar Dar) range 158400 (about 30 miles)

- Sector Counter Alt: 0

- Radar Mode Bishops: Value 48

- Radar Mode Knights: Value 464

- Radar Update Rate: 90 seconds 

- Haze/Fog: 15 miles

- Radar: Off

- Enemy collisions: on

- Friendly collisions: off

- Killshooter: off

- Time: 1000 (10AM) Game Clock

- Clouds: light5kmed15k

- Wind: 

0K-2K: No Wind

2K-12K: NW TO SE - Speed 5

12K-20K: NW TO SE  - Speed 10

20K-24K: NW TO SE  - Speed 15

24K+: 45MPH downdraft

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