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FSO Rules


Glossary of terms used in FSO:

FSO: Friday Squad Operations.
CM Team: The all volunteer team that runs all of Aces High Special Events.
SEA: Special Events Arena.
Admin CM: Those that design the FSO Events.
Setup CM & Bouncer: The fellows in the blue and mustard yellow  text. They setup and manage the SEA for that frame.
CiC: Commander in Charge, of either the Allied or Axis forces.
FSO Event: An event runs for 3 Fridays in a row.

1. This is a squad based event

- The purpose of the Friday Squad Operations is to provide players with an environment of fair play as seen in a historical light. This may include strategies, tactics, and logistics that were used during World War II. It may also include adjustments to promote healthy entertainment for FSO.
- FSO is designed to distribute about half of the workload among the players in FSO by use of CiC's. These CiC's are responsible for specific orders for their side, plane usage by squads, making sure all targets are attacked by T+60, and vectoring squads to other targets during the event.
- The idea for this series has been drawn from successful Warbirds S3 series and the previous Tour of Duty series of Aces High.

2. Participation
- No walkons will be allowed on the day of the event. Any individual pilots wishing to participate must pre-register with squadrons or contact the squadrons ahead of time, not in the minutes before the frame, or in the SEA before the start of the frame.
- Currently we have about 150 pilots in the Friday Squad Operations. We have room for more squads who wish to participate.
- Squadrons which did not register initially can be added to the Friday Squad Operations series by filling out an application form. Generally squadrons are added in the next FSO Event. Usually 1-3 weeks time. To be accepted into FSO you must have a minimum of 3-5 regular attendees. You also must have a squad CO and XO listed with valid e-mails on the application form. The CO and XO can not be the same person and a third contact is required.
- Squadrons which leave the series for whatever reason and wish to return may have to wait till the next FSO Event or longer. Squads may not leave and come back multiple times. Squads are expected to contact the FSO CM Team when leaving. Squads are required to participate in all the frames.
- Once a squadron is accepted into FSO - it is a member forever - unless it wishes to leave or is dismissed by the FSO CM Team. (see rules on attendance and CO volunteers )

3. Guests
- Unassociated pilots may post in the FSO forum asking for a guest spot in the current FSO Event. Or they may use the C.O. and X.O. contact list on the Friday Squad Operations web site. They may apply for a 'guests' spot that each squadron holds. It is entirely up to the squadron CO. He will accept or reject a request from guest pilots.
- Unassociated pilots, (those from non participating squads) will be allowed to fly as a guest of a member squad in the event in order to give them a feel of what the FSO is all about.
- If a guest is accepted into the squadron for the Friday Squad Operations in the eyes of FSO CM Team he is a part of this squadron and the CO of his squadron will be held responsible for this guest's actions/behavior.

4. Attendance


- Approximately 1 week prior to the start of the event, each squadron CO will be expected to submit an estimate of how many pilots from his squadron will be available to fly in each of the upcoming frames of the next event (this number must remain the same in all 3 frames). This number is used to assign aircraft and balance the sides in the design phase of the event. It is vital these be as accurate as possible due to the necessity of keeping the frames balanced.


- Each squadron is expected to stay within their selected range for that event with an adjustment of 1 under or 1 over.  


-CO's are expected to choose from the following list of ranges for their numbers:



- *Squad C.O.'s have wide range to choose from. If a squad C.O. chose 3-5 they may show up with as little as 2 pilots and as many as 6. If a squad C.O. chose 9-11 then they could show up with as few as 8, but no more than 12.
- Squads that are under in attendance will be reminded and may have to lower their committed numbers.
- Squads that have too many pilots are expected to have their extra pilots sit it out or fly with another squad that is not over in their committed numbers.
- Squad Operations aircraft assignments will not be revealed until after all the expected numbers are received.
- If a squad does not update their numbers then they will be expected to show up with what they listed the previous tour.

5. Events and Settings
- Friday Squad Operations will take place on Friday night at 11:00 PM Eastern.
- Fields will open at 11:05 PM EST regardless of CO's readiness.
- Anyone who crashes on take off or has a mishap may reup without asking but only in the first 15 minutes of the frame and only if you have not been engaged by the enemy.
- Fields close 15 minutes after the hour except for discos.
- Discos may reup up to 30 minutes after the hour (if there is no enemy engagement).
- After 30 minutes the fields are closed and no reups are allowed (unless design allows for a 2nd life).
- Arena settings will be as "historical" as they can be made. Short icons, no in-flight radar, kill messages turned off, historical terrains/match ups.
- Scoring may be done using a special parser. FSO will generally be based on points. Points will be determined by the Admin CM. Point values can be found on the AH Events site under the current FSO listing.
- All events will usually be "one life" frames. Pilots may be allowed a 2nd life depending on the aircraft flown. This may take place after the 30 minute mark.
- Since historical plane match up's will be used, squadrons will have to rotate to fly strike aircraft or aircraft other then their preferred side or type. All squadrons are expected to keep up their participation #s in such cases. This is done to balance the series and will be distributed as fairly as possible.
- Killshooter is OFF
- Stall Limiter is ENABLED

6. Basic Rules and Responsibilities
Squadron CO:
- Behavior of his pilots during the event.
- Report anticipated participation numbers of his squadron before every event.
- Provide at least three valid contacts for their squad. Usually a C.O. and X.O. and another responsible members e-mail address. Squadron officers are expected to keep these contacts up to date.
- Squads who do not provide three working e-mails will be warned twice then removed from Friday Squad Operations.
- Squadron CO/XO/3rd/4th are expected to be proficient with in-game Squadron management. This includes creating and disbanding a squadron if needed. It also includes inviting and ejecting if needed.
- Find and report to the CM team one volunteer from the squadron to lead (as a Frame CiC) one FSO frame. This maybe the CO himself or a member of his squad. Anyone new to this can find steps on how to be a Frame CiC. Anyone needing assistance may contact any member of the Friday Squad Operations team to help them with their Frame CiC duties.
- When it is that squads turn to provide a Frame CiC in FSO and they are unable then the squadron must find a replacement Frame CiC or risk being removed from Friday Squad Operations.
- Squad C.O.'s and X.O.'s are required to keep up with FSO via the Friday Squad Operations forum and ahevents email.
-  Frame CiC's are expected to have their orders out by Wednesday night at the latest.  Orders sent out after Wednesday will be considered late. Squads who are chronically late with orders will be warned and then may be removed from Friday Squad Operations.
- Assuring that pilots in his squadron are fully aware of their duties and responsibilities in relation to the FSO Event. This includes orders/plane/field assignments/uniform.
- Personal behavior of the pilots in the arena (including the text buffer) will be put to highest standard of honor and good sportsmanship. CO's will have to deal with the disruptive pilots from their squadrons.
- Squads are expected to put guests in uniform prior to the start of the frame. Any pilots that are not in uniform by the start of the frame may be ejected. Please make sure your squadron has multiple dependable people with both invite and eject privileges in the event they are needed.
- Report for the frame at an appropriate time, (approximately 1 hour before). The frame will start on the hour whether CO's are ready or not.
- Take steps to find out plane/field/orders assignments for the frame prior to the frame. Usually contacting their own C.O. or the Frame CiC.
- Be familiar with and always obey by the rules of the event.
Squad Operations Frame CiC:
- Read and understand all the rules as they pertain to the current event.
- Receive and review the frame objectives as sent by Admin CM and follow the steps for the Frame CiC.'s.
- Insure that squadron C.O.'s have received their orders by e-mail no later than Wednesday night prior to the Friday Squad Operations.
- It is the responsibility of the Frame CiC to insure orders were received by the squad C.O.'s.
- Frame CiC's must assign squads to hit all targets within the first hour of the frame.
- Frame CiC's must assign squads to defend all targets during the first hour.
 - Targets will be attacked and defended by a credible force. Unless stated otherwise this will be a minimum of 12 players assigned per target. This can consist of a single squad or multiple squads.  
- All targets must be attacked within 60 minutes of the start of the frame. They must be attacked with explosive ordinance (rockets and bombs) by a full squadron. Feints and diversions prior to a larger strike force do not satisfy the requirements of this rule. Simply strafing a target with fighters does not satisfy the requirements of this rule. CIC's will construct their orders in such a way that ALL strike aircraft that sortie at frame start reach their targets by T+60. There are no exceptions! Administrator CM's may request copies of orders to evaluate the observance of this rule.
- CiCs shall not organize a mission with orders to attack more than one objective in succession.  More simply stated, one objective, one mission.  If there are 2 offensive objectives for one side during a frame, the CIC shall ensure that there are two attack missions, each assigned to attack a single objective.  This rule is intended to prevent CIC's from overwhelming the defenders of a single target. For example, a large combined force of 60 aircraft attacking three bases that are each singly defended by a squad of 15 or 20. Please see examples under the Example CiC Orders section: 
- If in any doubt that your orders are within the rules of FSO contact the Admin CM. After initial attacks are made in compliance with the T+60 rule follow up attacks are allowed and may be conducted.
- The "aircraft of interest" for each squadron should be taken into consideration when aircraft are assigned.
- All squads may split, but only into 2 different AC. squads must have the same objective. Squads may not be split into 2 different groups to attack 2 different targets. They may fly a bomber with escort role, or 2 different fighters in the same squad to escort another squads bombers, etc. Unnecessary splitting is to be avoided.

7. Penalties
- Squads that go over their commitment level will be warned and their side may be penalized.
- Squads that are under in attendance will be reminded and may have to lower their committed numbers. Any squad that is a no-show will be warned and then removed if it happens twice.
-Squads that are chronically under or over their limit will be warned twice, then possibly removed from Friday Squad Operations.
- Any targets not initially attacked or defended in the first hour may result in a penalty of over all awarded points or the loss of objectives. This is to insure all squads will see action within the first hour. See above "T+60" rule.
- Squads that do not adhere to the squad splits concerning different aircraft may have a penalty of over all awarded points.
- Pilots are expected to do their "fighting" from the AC or GV's that they have been assigned to by their CiC. Once you have been shot down you should be heading to your tower. Shooting at the enemy with your .45 or drawing anti-aircraft fire with your pilot is not allowed. You may be suspended for doing so.
-Pilots are expected to adhere to the Friday Squad Operations forum posting rules; flamebaiting, flaming, being abusive, being disrepectful, trolling, spamming or posting to incite or annoy is not allowed. Repeat violaters may be removed from Friday Squad Operations.
- The scoring of FSO Events and any penalties assessed (either basic rules or design specific) are entirely the purview of the FSO CM Team.
- A squad or pilot who fails to obey the above rules and guidelines (Sections 1-7) or the rules and guidelines laid out by a CM to a specific FSO Event in either the spirit or letter may be removed from Friday Squad Operations.


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