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Extending the Continuation: Karelia 1944

Extending the Continuation: Karelia 1944

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In the summer and fall of 1944, Karelia was fiercely fought over between Finaland and the Soviet Union. The Luftwaffe aided the Finnish forces with the help of Detachment Kuhlmey which included over a hundred aircraft to be used for air superiority, ground attack, and reconissance. The fighting that ensued on the isthmus was some of the fiercest on the Eastern Front. The 7th and 13th Air Amies of the VVS  pressed constant attacks on positions, towns, and airfields on the isthmus in small waves which resulted in pocketed skirmishes between Finnish, German, and Soviet aircraft.

This event seeks to emulate those small skirmishes over Karelia in 1944.  



Side Split: 50% Allies/50% Axis




Luftwaffe/Finnish Air Force



Bf 109G-6



 MAX 16

FW 190A-5

 MAX 16


 MIN 10 (Fr 1)

JU 88 

 MIN 10 (Fr 2)


 MIN 10 (Fr 3)

 FW 190F-8  MIN 10 (Fr 3)


Hour 2:



Tu-2S (Single)

 FW 190F-8


Bf 109G-6


Ju 87D


Special Rules:

All aircraft have a 18K altitude cap. Ordnance carrying aircraft alt cap is 14K.

20mm gondolas disabled on Bf 109.

1000 kg bombs disabled on Tu-2.

1800 kg bomb disabled on Ju 87D.

Ordnance disabled on all fighters except FW 190F-8 and P-39Q. 

Ground Objects destroyed by La, Yak, FW 190A-5. or Bf 109 will not be scored.


Hour 2 Rules:

Fields will be open from T+61 to T+90.




Aircraft - 1
Hangars - 5
Bunkers - 1
Guns - 0.2
Recommended Skins List:


Arena Settings:

- Terrain: finland

- Clouds: med5kmed15k

- Fuel Burn: 1.0

- Icons: 3K Friendly/Enemy

- Ack: .3

- Fighter and Bomber warning range: 52800 (about 10 miles)

- Tower range set to 52800 (for display only to match the above setting)

- Haze/Fog: 15 miles

- Radar: Off

- Enemy collisions: on

- Friendly collisions: off

- Killshooter: off

- Time: 1000 (10AM) Game Clock

- Formations: On

- Formation Autopilot: On

- Bomber calibration: Automatic

- Wind:


2K-8K: S TO N - Speed 5

8K-14K: SW TO NE - Speed 10

14K-18K: SW to NE - Speed 10

18K+: 45 MPH Downwind



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