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The Last Hop: Okinawa 1945

The Last Hop: Okinawa 1945

Rockets Firing

By the Spring of 1945, the American strategy of island hopping had been so successful that essentially all Japanese holdings outside of Japan had been captured. The Americans now set their sights on Japan itself. But, in order to bombard and potentially launch a massive invasion force, it needed the Okinawa Prefecture which included the larger island of Okinawa as well as smaller islands surrounding it. From here, the Allies could launch bombing raids into the heart of the Japanese industrial complex.

The invasion begain on April 1, 1945 and within a week, two major airfields had been captured, repurposed, and made available to Marine fighter pilots. For the next month and a half, Marines would fight for the island and the surrounding islands while being protected by their fighter pilots in Corsairs, courtesy of Marine Air Group 31 and others. Waves of kamikaze pilots streamed in through the battle and many ships were lost despite the significant kill count of the USMC Corsair pilots. Bombing raids were conducted by the USAAF contingent assigned to the Tactical Air Force, Tenth Army. 

This FSO is set before and during the Battle of Okinawa. USMC Corsairs along with USAAF bombers and escorts will prepare the island and provide close escort in the way of ground attack as the battle for Japanese territory progresses. 



Side Split: 52% Allies/48% Axis






MAX 8, Hour 1 ONLY











 MIN 12



Special Rules:

F4U-1C MUST carry bombs and rockets to target. These are dedicated ground attack aircraft. 

All aircraft have a 18K altitude cap.

Ordnance carrying aircraft alt cap is 14K.

Ordnance disabled on P-47N.

1000 lbs. bombs disabled fro F4U1-C and F4U-1D. 




Allies must destroy 8 Hangars (11 possible) AND 20 Bunkers (Radar, Fuel, Barracks, Ammo - 30 possible) to win the frame. 
Recommended Accurate Skins List:

F4U-1C: VMF-311 by Greebo

F4U-1D: VMF-312/611 by Tex01

               VMF-312/584 by Tex01

P-47N: 507FG/463FS by Greebo

            413FG/34FS by Greebo

            507FG/465FS by Greebo

            318FG/19FS by Greebo

            318FG/333FS by Greebo

B-24:  11BG/431BS by Greebo

Arena Settings:

- Terrain: okinawa

- Clouds: med5kmed15k

- Fuel Burn: 1.0

- Icons: 3K Friendly/Enemy

- Ack: .3

- Fighter and Bomber warning range: 52800 (about 10 miles)

- Tower range set to 52800 (for display only to match the above setting)

- Haze/Fog: 15 miles

- Radar: Off

- Enemy collisions: on

- Friendly collisions: off

- Killshooter: off

- Time: 1000 (10AM) Game Clock

- Formations: Off

- Formation Autopilot: On

- Bomber calibration: Automatic

- Wind:


2K-8K: S TO N - Speed 5

8K-14K: SW TO NE - Speed 10

14K-18K: SW to NE - Speed 10

20K+: 45 MPH Downwind

Area of Operations:



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