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Pushing Back: Moscow 1941

Pushing Back: Moscow 1941

about 1941/1943 paint scheme: de la Poype's yak-1 (normandie-niemen)

After the initial surge of Barbarossa, Army Group Center sputtered to a halt west opf Moscow in 1941. As winter set in, Mother Russia reared its head added to its lore of being a winter abyss. During the month of December, the German forces were ill-equipped for winter and the Soviets pushed back, beginning a counteroffensive early in the month.

Our event will focus on the fighting around Moscow in December of 1941 and January of 1942.



Side Split: 50% Allies/50% Axis






Bf 109F-4

MAX 16


MIN 10

Bf 109E-4

MIN 16

C.205 (MiG-3)


He 111

MIN 10


MIN 10


 2nd Hour:





Bf 109E-4




Ju 87D




Asisbiz Heinkel He 111H 8.KG55 G1+ES raid on Moscow 1941-01



Special Rules:

All aircraft have a 18K altitude cap.

Bomber alt cap is 14K.

Ordnance disabled on all fighters.

C.205 has 20mm disabled.

He 111 has torpedo disabled.




Aircraft - 1
Hangars - 5
Town Buildings (Max 80) - 0.25


Arena Settings:

- Terrain: russiaw

- Clouds: med5kmed15k

- Fuel Burn: 1.0

- Icons: 3K Friendly/Enemy

- Ack: .3

- Fighter and Bomber warning range: 52800 (about 10 miles)

- Tower range set to 52800 (for display only to match the above setting)

- Haze/Fog: 15 miles

- Radar: Off

- Enemy collisions: on

- Friendly collisions: off

- Killshooter: off

- Time: 1000 (10AM) Game Clock

- Formations: On

- Formation Autopilot: On

- Bomber calibration: Automatic

- Wind:

0K-2K: NE to SW Speed 8

2K-8K: N TO S - Speed 10

8K-14K: NE TO SW - Speed 15

14K-18K: E to W - Speed 18

18K+: 45 MPH Downwind

Area of Operations:

 Winter Offensive Dec 41

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